“Dreams overlap with ideas to create new realms of reality.”

About Us

VOQZI is a creative agency providing dynamic and ground-breaking ideas to help build your brand. Resting on the pillar stones of imagination and strategic vision, at VOQZI, we believe, something spectacular can come out of absolutely nothing. You need an eye to see its potential. At times, simple is revolutionary and other times grandeur, essential. The ability to discern what works when is the epicenter from which we aim to operate.

We are a bunch of diverse, passionate thinkers who are realists, designers, planners, coders, writers, dreamers having big, head-turning ideas for your brand to grow ahead of the competition and letting it stand apart unique from the clutter. We ensure to filter out the noise and pave the way for the brand’s core value to shine through effective advertisement and representations.

Creative Team

Vinoth Shank

Co – Founder | Managing Director

The Man with the Map

A renowned fashion photographer, with over seven years of experience, has worked with some of the best faces of the industry and collaborated with unique fashion brands. He is known for his unique play with natural light, like controlling the strings of a puppet to dance and create visual poetry through his lenses.

He can turn almost every ordinary setting into intimate, dramatic, powerful editorial images. He is a self-taught photographer who calls himself a Student of Arts.

He is a dream chaser who believes in competing with oneself, dictating his finish lines through his hard-work. He firmly believes that an artist’s work is genuinely determined not through their devices but mind.

Driven. Inspiring. Planner.


Dr Priyadarshini Rajendran

Co – Founder | Chairperson

The Torch Bearer

A cosmeceutical doctor and an entrepreneur who is an avid seeker for creative challenges, to make the world artistically a better place. Extensively influenced by art, fashion, and architecture from a young age, she broadened her horizon to quench the thirst to seek knowledge about the world of art through wandering around world.

With limitless imagination and equal amounts of rigour to put plans into action, she is the powerhouse of ideas and creativity with a determined, strong-willed persona that can take the seeds of an idea and nurture it with the right care to bloom the brightest. Apart from heading numerous health, education and charity organisations, she is a beauty expert and an activist for Human Rights, Environmental Issues and Women Empowerment.
Imaginative. Ambitious. Hustler.


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