“Dreams overlap with ideas to create new realms of reality.”

About Us

Here at VOQZI, we aim to craft excellence alongside extravagance. Every day, our goal is to push the needle in whatever we do. And we have a young, vibrant team that puts in the work, harder than the rest. Our creativity knows no bounds.

We are an advertising and marketing company that seeks to breathe the inception of an idea. We have a multitude of services that cater to every brand and accommodate their goals within our artistic and innovative space.

Here is our roster of what we do. Let us assert that the services we render and the vivacious team behind it, put our heart and soul into it.

Creative Team

Dr Priyadarshini Rajendran


The Torch Bearer

“When something is really difficult, I love it!”, is perhaps a daily motto for VOQZI’s torch bearer. Brace yourself for the force and powerhouse that is Dr. Priyadarshini Rajendran. She is a multi-hyphenate as she dons the many roles of a cosmeceutical doctor, a beauty coach, an artist and an entrepreneur. She shoulders multiple colleges and hospitals along with a media enterprise. She is also one of the leading directors for multiple charity organizations as well. At a tender age, she was exposed to paintings, literature and fashion that her perpetual drive for a creative vein was set. Her extensive travels watered that seed further. She was always an overachiever and there is no full stop to that.
Imaginative. Ambitious. Hustler.


Vinoth Shank

Managing Director

The Man with the Map

“I do not want to stay in an ordinary environment”, sums up our co-founder’s attitude. He always strives to go the extra mile to manifest an extraordinary concept. His thinking comes from a different school of thought, enabling him to bring something extremely creative to the table. A total risk taker, Vinoth Shank’s body of work cannot be put in a box. Completely self-taught, he immerses himself into learning more and more to conjure a visual marvel. Standing tall in the face of his failures, his folder contains thousands of photos all curated by him. He is a renowned fashion photographer with almost a decade’s experience. His passion is underlined by his creativity which is also the crux of VOQZI.

Driven. Inspiring. Planner.


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