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VOQZI is infamous for its distinctive ability to create non-linear art.

We are a creative agency that crafts excellence alongside a generous serving of quality. Yes. We are too good to be true.We want to build value and worth for brands, with our 360-degree approach that includes an excellent ammunition of design, content, marketing and production.

We are all about making results, not excuses.

This is how we do it


VOQZI is a creative house that has single-handedly placed itself on the global map with offices in both Paris and India. Our primary goal for projects is that it exceeds norms, expectations and the ordinary.

Our services are truly one of a kind. They say, seeing is believing. So, come and see for yourselves. Spoiler alert: We are numero uno.

Creativity is our first name. Challenge is our last name.

With each project we take up, we learn more and grow more. Our mistakes and errors, setbacks and failures, our successes and accomplishments, outcomes and outputs have made us who we are. We don't adapt to our surroundings. The environment adapts to us. Period.

Life is too short to not work with VOQZI.

This is how we do it


Did you know that unlike all the spiders who spin webs to catch prey, tarantulas spin silk? Kind of like what we do. Other creative firms spin webs. We spin silk.

We will leave you with the choice. You pick who you want to work with. Team Web or Team Silk.

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